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Oct 27 2003
Version 0.11pre0 released.
Oct 26
Optional gnome support with --enable-gnome
Oct 26
We now have a logo
Oct 24
Splash screen on startup :)
Oct 22
New feature: Recent game list.
Oct 20
Sound support now in CVS! Watch out for the next release.
Oct 14
It is unlikely that there will ever be a MS-Windows port. Mailing list discussion
Oct 14
Ron Hale-Evans officially joins the project. Work on a ZRF parser begins.
Oct 5
The games section of the website is almost complete. It is autogenerated by gtkboard when invoked with the "-H" option. Some games are missing screenshots.
Oct 2
New feature: levels. On completing a level you will progress to the next level. Tower of Hanoi has been made into 4 levels: 4/5/6/7 rings.
Oct 2
New feature: variants. Othello 6x6, a variant of Othello, as been added.
More news

31 games and counting!

That's right, 31 games in a single program. And before we're done, we plan to implement over a hundred games.

I bet that got your attention. Sit tight and read on.

Gtkboard was born out of the observation that the AI (i.e, search algorithms) for all two player board games is the same, and it's a waste of effort to implement it separately for each game. From that humble beginning as a game tree search program, gtkboard has expanded greatly in features. It supports both single player and two player games. It represents and saves the moves of the games in a common format. It implements most things a game will need, like highscores and undoing and redoing moves, making it almost trivial to write a new game.

So go check it out for yourself, or drool over some screenshots, and read the documentation if you're stuck.

Linux may be behind in terms of Role Playing Games, but when it comes to board games we're going to blow away the competition!!

If you are a developer looking for something fun to code, here's something cool. Because all you need to do to write a new game is to write about 3 or 4 functions, or hooks, for things like evaluating the goodness of a given position. Your game will become a plugin that will be called by gtkboard, and it will take care of everything else.

So read the developer documentation, and get started.

Even if you're not a coder, there are several ways you can help gtkboard, such as write documentation, create artwork, or contribute builds.


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