Oct 27 2003
Version 0.11pre0 released.
Oct 26
Optional gnome support with --enable-gnome
Oct 26
We now have a logo
Oct 24
Splash screen on startup :)
Oct 22
New feature: Recent game list.
Oct 20
Sound support now in CVS! Watch out for the next release.
Oct 14
It is unlikely that there will ever be a MS-Windows port. Mailing list discussion
Oct 14
Ron Hale-Evans officially joins the project. Work on a ZRF parser begins.
Oct 5
The games section of the website is almost complete. It is autogenerated by gtkboard when invoked with the "-H" option. Some games are missing screenshots.
Oct 2
New feature: levels. On completing a level you will progress to the next level. Tower of Hanoi has been made into 4 levels: 4/5/6/7 rings.
Oct 2
New feature: variants. Othello 6x6, a variant of Othello, as been added.
More news Oct 2
Games are now grouped into categories: Chess variants, Logic puzzles, Nimlike games, Arcade, Word games, Othello, Maze, k-in-a-row.
Sep 25
Redesigned web page
Sep 24
Version 0.10.7 released. Source tarball
Sep 23
There's a developers' mailing list. Subscription page