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Two player game


The objective of the game is to force your opponent to capture all your
pieces or to stalemate you. What makes this possible is that if you can
capture, then you MUST.

The pieces move as in chess. However:
   - The king is NOT a special piece. No check(mate), no castling. The
   king can be captured like any other piece.
   - No taking en passant.
   - Pawn promotion is as in chess.

A couple of notes on the gtkboard implementation of chess and antichess:
   - Drag and drop doesn't work (yet). To make the move 1. e4, you have
   to click on e2 and then on e4.
   - To promote, after clicking on the pawn and then on the promotion
   square, you have to click on a third square which indicates which
   piece you want to promote to. This square should be any one of the
   squares of the file of that piece. (Thus, to queen, click anywhere
   on the 'd' file, etc.)


Antichess screenshot


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