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Two player game


Two players take turns in placing balls of either color. The objective
is to get as many balls of your color as possible.

When you place a ball in such a way that two of your balls sandwich
one or more of the opponent's balls along a line (horizontal, vertical,
or diagonal), then the sandwiched balls change to your color. You must
move in such a way that at least one switch happens.

If you don't have a move, you pass by hitting space or clicking on an
empty square.


The number of balls of either color at a given time is, paradoxically,
a _very_ poor indicator of who has the advantage. This is because balls
can flip color en masse and wildly, especially during the last few moves.

Indeed, in the beginning you should try to minimize the number of balls
you have. The key is mobility. You must strive to maximize your number
of legal moves so that you can try to force your opponent into making
bad moves.

The corners are key squares, because corner balls never flip. If your
opponent blunders into giving you a corner before the final stages of
the game, you are practically assured of a win.


Othello screenshot


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