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Single player game


  * Two or more balls of the same color that form a connected region
  constitute a block.
  * Hovering the mouse over a ball will highlight the block that the
  ball belongs to.
  * Clicking on a ball removes that ball's block.
  * You get (n-2)^2 points for removing a block with n balls in it.
  * You get a 1000 point bonus if you remove all the balls.
  * The goal is to maximize your score.
  * As balls are removed, balls above fall down to take their place. If
  a column is removed, the column to its right moves to the left.


  * Try to identify the color which occurs the most number of times.
  * Remove balls of the other 2 colors until all the balls of the most
  frequent color (or as many of them as possible) form a single block.
  * Remove this block. Now do the same with the remaining two colors.
  * Avoid getting into a situation in which there is a single ball of
  some color. If this happens you won't be able to clear the entire board.


Samegame screenshot


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