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Knight's Tour

Single player game


  Complete the knight's tour of the chessboard.

  In the initial position click on any square to start the tour on that
  square. Next click on the square you want the knight to move to, and
  so on. The square where you started will be shown in green and the
  other squares in the tour will be grey. At any point you can click
  on the green square to make it the current square, in which case the
  current square will become the "start" square.

  The objective is to fill all 64 squares in such a way that the last
  square is one knight-move away from the first, in as little time as
  possible. In this game, you can undo your moves freely. This won't
  prevent you from getting a highscore.

  The blue balls that you see are hints. They are there to make your
  life easier, but you don't have to necessarily click on a ball.


Knight's Tour screenshot


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